11/16/11: Dear MrQBear: Maybe do something with this page? This webspace is so empty, it would be perfect, and you could use the OTHER webspace for your horrible, twisted mishmash of files and non-arrangements. Maybe also Fire could help you, because he a good guy, just don't bother him too much okay? -MQB
11/16/11: Um. I guess this is now a tiny invisible donation page for people to give me $ at? This is so stupid. :|
1/2/10: Now it's REALLY empty.
1/3/05: I blew up most of the webpage. So.. Uh.. Yeah. Stuff is gone. Phreeeow.

I doubt anybody reads this, but if you do, I guess I was dumb to put up a donate button, since Paypal takes a fee, and only from using the Donate Button. So. Whatever. Meh. Dumb bear is dumb. Always. If you wanna send paypal things just ask, I guess.